Polish Association of Art

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Artystów Plastyków Studio Atelier 40 w Olsztynie

legal form:

association local unit

Fields of activities

- culture, art, protection of cultural and national heritage
- visual art, design
- protection of historical monuments, heritage
- cultural education
- other areas of art and culture: architektura, badania zabytków architektury
- supporting European integration, and the development of contacts and co-operation between societies

General information

Klebark Wielki 19, 10-687 Olsztyn
Aleja Warszawska 62 lok. 37, 10-083 Olsztyn
89 527 73 51
Our office is inaccessible for people with mobility problems.

About us

SPAP - brings together artists creating in the field of visual arts for arts education society is established to represent and protect the personal and property rights of its members, and expressing opinions on issues relating to the visual arts in the country, protection and promotion of culture in the country and abroad.

The Association carries out the mission by:
- Exchange of experience in the field of fine arts,
- Carrying out research and development, design and execution of development, human objects in the environment, the architectural, environmental protection and restoration of monuments,
- Co-operation with institutions, businesses and individuals,
- Economic activity.