Polish Women Scientists Network

Fundacja "Kobiety Nauki - Polska Sieć Kobiet Nauki"

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Fields of activities

- promoting and protection of human and civic rights and freedom; supporting the development of democracy
- gender - equality of rights
- science, higher education, education, coaching
- supporting technical science, inventions and innovativeness, promotion and implementation of new technologies
- supporting European integration, and the development of contacts and co-operation between societies

General information

Kuźnicy Kołłątajowskiej 16 lok. 18, 31-234 Kraków
Felińskiego 22A lok. 64, 31-236 Kraków
600 286 346, 504 689 690
Our office is accessible for people with mobility problems.

About us

Our goal is to promote the achievements of Polish women researchers and supporting women scientists at all stages of their career development.
We try to solve problems that you can encounter in the world of science, among others we conduct counseling on copyright, intellectual property and patent law. We create opportunities to participate in competitions and exhibitions of international importance, etc.
We engage in public debate by participating in meetings with government , NGO’s and industry.