"Knowing How To Help" Foundation for Patients Affected by Mucopolysaccharidosis

Fundacja "Umieć Pomagać"

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Fields of activities

- charity
- social aid, including families and individuals facing difficult situations, ensuring equal opportunities
- health care and health care promotion
- promoting and organising volunteer work
- others - pomoc na rzecz osób chorych na choroby rzadkie

General information

Dzieci Warszawy 27a lok. 120, 02-495 Warszawa
as before
601 453 733, 600 244 156
Our office is inaccessible for people with mobility problems.

About us

"Knowing How To Help" charitable foundation for patients affected by mucopolysaccharidosis.

Our aims:
- To help and support patients suffering from rare diseases, particularly those affected by mucopolysaccaridosis type I (Hurler, Hurler Scheie, Scheie syndromes), type II (Hunter syndrome), type IV (Morquio syndrome), type VI (Maroteaux- Lamy syndrome) later on called "MPS";
- To initiate and support innovative solutions in the area of modern treatment methods, particularly for MPS;
- Charitable actions including development and reinforcement of attitudes enhancing active participation in civic society;
- Social assistance for patients and their families.