Camillian Mission of Social Assistance

Kamiliańska Misja Pomocy Społecznej

legal form:

organization established under the State - Church Agreement

Fields of activities

- charity
- social aid, including families and individuals facing difficult situations, ensuring equal opportunities
- social pathologies and addiction prevention
- promoting and protection of human and civic rights and freedom; supporting the development of democracy
- suporting vocational and social integration and reintegration of people threatened with social exclusion
- science, higher education, education, coaching
- supporting European integration, and the development of contacts and co-operation between societies

General information

Poniatowskiego 14, 05-092 Łomianki
Traktorzystów 26, 02-495 Warszawa
22 478 30 22
22 478 30 22
Our office is accessible for people with mobility problems.

About us

The Camillian Mission for Social Assistance (CMSA, or KMPS in Polish) is a Polish non-governmental organization with a public benefit status. It was founded by Bogusław Paleczny, a charismatic Camillian monk, in 1991, within the structures of the Order of St. Camillus. Father Paleczny ran the Mission until his sudden death in 2009 – at that point Adriana Porowska took over. CMSA continues to support the homeless and the impoverished by implementing its mission which can be summarized by the following quotation: “My Little children, let us not love in word, neither with the tongue; but in deed and truth (1J 3,18)”.

CMSA supports women and men who are homeless or who are experiencing housing exclusion, are disabled, unemployed, mentally challenged, impoverished, elderly, formerly imprisoned, addicted to gambling, alcohol or other substances, as well as children and multiple children families. These groups are supported by high quality services in line with modern solutions, and catholic