Stowarzyszenie "Szansa dla Nas"

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Fields of activities

- charity
- social aid, including families and individuals facing difficult situations, ensuring equal opportunities
- aid to victims of calamities, natural disasters, armed conflicts and warfare
- supporting the disabled
- support the retired
- supporting veterans and victims of oppression
- supporting family and foster care system
- health care and health care promotion
- social pathologies and addiction prevention
- promoting and protection of human and civic rights and freedom; supporting the development of democracy
- gender - equality of rights
- supporting family, maternity, parenthood, promoting and protection of children`s rights
- science, higher education, education, coaching
- culture, art, protection of cultural and national heritage
- music
- theatre
- dance
- protection of historical monuments, heritage
- cultural education
- supporting European integration, and the development of contacts and co-operation between societies
- supporting development of local communities
- cultivating national, cultural and civic identity
- supporting and promoting physical exercise and sports
- tourism
- recreation - children and youth

General information

Aleja Parku Krajobrazowego 22, 84-207 Łężyce
as before
509 432 005
Our office is accessible for people with mobility problems.

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